Dunya Elesaway

Business Development Manager & Administration

About Dunya

Dunya holds a Class 2 Real Estate License and a Certificate in Business Administration from Western Sydney University. She is passionate about all things real estate and brings charisma, drive and boundless energy to all her work.

Dunya has implemented streamlined procedures and effective management tools in the administration space to meet the demands of our high performing office and provides exceptional service not only to our clients, but to our entire team across the Opes network. 

In addition to her administration capabilities, Dunya is passionate about the Property management space. We believe there are three fundamental elements of successful property manager’s, which are trust, expertise, and reliability, and Dunya embodies all of them. With half a decade of experience, Dunya has earned the trust of many satisfied clients who attest to her exceptional results.

Dunya is hard-working, responsive and results driven. She has a promising future in the real estate industry and is an asset to the Opes team. Do not compromise on quality, choose Dunya and experience excellence in property management.

Dunya's Properties